DataXoom Collaborates With Pristine And AT&T Partner Exchange, Provides Reliable Data Services for Businesses Rolling Out Wearable Tech

The new relationship ensures reliable, high-bandwidth 4G/LTE connectivity between enterprise teams collaborating and communicating through mobile and wearable technology

Berkeley, CA. October 1, 2015 – Mobile data services reseller DataXoom announced today the expansion of its established AT&T Partner Exchange℠ relationship by adding leading video communications provider Pristine to its ecosystem.

VentureBeat: “IoT could demand a whole new, dedicated network – here’s why”

Today, most networked appliances on the Internet of Things (IoT) are not too demanding from a bandwidth perspective. Often they just share simple data that only require a few bytes to transfer from one device to another. For example, a sensor may update a computer with a machine’s current fuel efficiency, or the temperature of a commercial refrigeration unit – and, in network terms, this doesn’t add up to much traffic.

Verizon Wireless: “Wearables Are About to Take Over the Business World”

When we think of wearable technology, most of us imagine a consumer-focused gadget that counts steps or provides the convenience of hands-free notifications, and, with the launch of the Apple Watch, maybe a bit of a status object or fun toy as well. But wearables are expected to play a large role in many businesses in the future, and could soon be worn as a regular part of the job for employees in such diverse fields as manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

Staples: “Your Small Business Trade Show Checklist”

“To have a meaningful trade show experience, it’s not just about showing up to the event,” says Barb Wells, senior vice president of marketing and direct sales for Framingham, MA–based Staples Promotional Products®. “Planning is crucial — from signage, presentation and booth location to marketing support, social media engagement, getting customer contacts and prompt follow-up after the show.

PhoneArena: “DataXoom partners with major US carriers to bring customized, flexible data plans to business customers”

Berkeley, California-based company DataXoom has an interesting proposition towards business owners looking for cost-effective, customized business data plans. DataXoom has partnered with the four major US carriers, using their data networks to create the first value-added wholesale mobile data services to businesses.