Purpose-Built 5G/LTE

Think of buying LTE/5G like buying soda pop. If you want Coke or Pepsi, you drink it and buy it from a grocery store or convenience store. But if you are buying Coke or Pepsi for hundreds and thousands of people, you buy Coke and Pepsi in large canisters and drink it via CO2 fountain soda machines. While a fountain soda machine is not cost effective for individuals or small business, it is the only viable method for large companies supporting large customer bases or workforces.

What is Purpose-Built 5G/LTE?

A solution that is built to solve a specific business problem that requires LTE/5G

Purpose Built is not just a bunch of devices...

But are vertical specific use cases that solve problems

Integrating mobility directly into existing systems, workflows, and applications.

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Along with multiple applications and partners that make up the “Mobility Eco-System.”

Vertical specific apps

Vertical Specific APPs

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All seamlessly managed by the DX platform

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