First Enterprise Mobile Data Provider DataXoom Launches, Announces Experienced CEO and Management Team

Company is Reinventing Mobile Data for Businesses,
Offering Choice and Control While Reducing Cost

SAN RAMON, CA – December 12, 2013 – DataXoom Inc., the first mobile data services provider focused exclusively on businesses, announced today that it has launched its service with initial customers. DataXoom serves mid- to large-sized enterprise customers.

Through wholesale relationships with mobile network operators, DataXoom provides cellular data network connectivity for the tablets, mobile hotspots, USB modems, and specialty devices used by an enterprise’s mobile workforce. DataXoom has wholesale agreements with three of the four major US mobile network operators, giving its customers access to LTE, EVDO, and HSPA+ networks. With DataXoom an enterprise can select the network that is the best fit for its particular application, device, or location. And DataXoom’s pricing approach, in which customers pay only for the data they use, results in significant cost savings.

DataXoom also announced the appointment of John Tantum as its CEO. Tantum founded and was president of Virgin Mobile USA, a leading youth-focused wireless company that is now a brand within T-Mobile. Tantum joins former Nextel executive Rob Chamberlin, DataXoom’s Chairman. Chamberlin leads True Wireless, one of the largest mobility-centric Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the US that is focused exclusively on businesses.

“DataXoom’s solution offers enterprises much greater control of their employees’ mobile devices,” stated Tantum. “DataXoom’s pay-as-you-go pricing can dramatically reduce their costs. The reality is that many mobile workers only use a few hundred megabytes each month, and the expensive, 3 or 5 gigabyte plans offered by network operators are not a good fit.”

“Enterprises have different requirements than consumers for their tablets and other mobile data devices,” said wireless industry analyst Maribel Lopez, of Lopez Research. “It’s either feast or famine with mobile data. Enterprises are either wasting money on mobile plans or getting caught off guard with overages that employees try to expense. Enterprises want greater control and need a way to manage mobile data services and the associated expense.”

DataXoom offers businesses several important advantages:

  • DataXoom charges for actual usage, with no contracts or penalties. For many applications within a business, mobile data costs can be reduced by 50% or more.
  • Through its agreements with multiple mobile network operators, DataXoom offers enterprises a choice of technologies and networks, and delivers mobile data connections on LTE, HSPA+, and EVDO networks.
  • DataXoom’s management platform allows an administrator to manage users through a single web interface. It provides user authentication, content control, data limits, and alerts. For example, DataXoom can block an enterprise’s employees from using high-bandwidth video streaming websites.
  • Existing devices (tablets, cellular modems, etc.) can often be re-used for DataXoom’s service, or DataXoom can provide affordable new or refurbished devices. DataXoom has expertise in acquiring and delivering devices that are ready to use on its network.

DataXoom has launched its service with select customers in the financial services and professional services sectors, and has immediate plans to add enterprise customers with sales and field services users. DataXoom will be available nationwide in February 2014.

About DataXoom

DataXoom Corp. specializes in providing mobile data services for businesses and the mobile workforce. DataXoom provides cellular data network connectivity for tablets, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, USB modems, and specialty devices used by the mobile workforce. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, DataXoom’s mobile data service is designed to meet the requirements of an enterprise. For more information, call 855/533-2829 or visit