DataXoom Launches Mobile Data Service Platform for Businesses

Management Platform for Administrators Offers Visibility and Control
Of Users Across Three of the Largest Mobile Networks

BERKELEY, CA – July 2, 2014 – DataXoom Corp., the first value-added wholesaler of mobile data services, today announced DX, its proprietary platform used by administrators of mobile data within medium- and large-sized companies. DX provides tools to control costs, keep track of usage, and monitor behavior of the mobile data services used by employees.

Mobile data consumption is continuing to explode. Increased mobility is an enormous benefit to businesses, but monitoring and controlling data usage continues to be a challenge for many companies. DataXoom’s platform offers big benefits for mobile data administrators, who typically manage the devices and services of hundreds or thousands of users within their companies.

The DX platform allows administrators to:

  • Continuously monitor mobile data usage by employees, with real-time information feeds directly from 4G/3G networks.
  • Set alerts to provide notification of employees who reach data usage thresholds. Alerts are fully configurable and can be delivered by SMS or email.
  • Establish firm limits for data usage, also configurable by an individual employee or group of employees.
  • Activate, suspend, or deactivate users. DataXoom has no contracts or termination penalties, giving unsurpassed flexibility to businesses.
  • Authenticate users, to ensure that only an approved employee uses a company-owned mobile data device, and that end user information is accurate and updated.

“Our DX platform provides powerful tools to the people who manage mobile data within an enterprise,” says John Tantum, DataXoom’s CEO. “We greatly simplify the management process, since our platform works across three major U.S. mobile network operators. We offer an unprecedented level of visibility and control.”

“With DataXoom, companies will not need to wait until the month-end bill arrives to know what their usage or costs will be,” says Chris Hill, COO of DataXoom. “We provide businesses timely information via an easy-to-use web interface.”

DataXoom provides 3G and 4G mobile data network connectivity for the tablets, mobile hotspots, and specialty devices used by mid- and large-sized businesses. DataXoom has wholesale relationships with the nations’ largest mobile operators, and deploys their LTE, CDMA and GSM networks.

Compared to purchasing directly from the mobile network operators, DataXoom offers businesses several important advantages:

  • DataXoom has no contracts or termination penalties.
  • DataXoom’s wholesale pricing options include pay-as-you-go plans, 2 to 10 GB plans that pool across all users, and larger terabyte (TB) plans that can be customized for specific pricing requirements.
  • DXTM, DataXoom’s proprietary management platform, allows an administrator to manage users through a single web interface across multiple underlying mobile networks. It provides end user authentication, data limits, and alerts.
  • DataXoom can provide affordable new or refurbished devices, or customers can select SIM-only options. DataXoom also offers tablet-and-service bundles, in which the lease cost of the device is packaged with the monthly data service. Other services, such as configuration, warranty, and repair services, can be added.

DataXoom’s service operates on three of the four largest U.S. mobile network operators, and is available nationwide.

John Tantum is CEO of DataXoom. John founded and was president of Virgin Mobile USA, the pioneering “virtual” network operator that went public in 2007 with over 5 million customers, and was acquired by T-Mobile in 2009. John is an accomplished entrepreneur and is chairman of mobile payments provider Wipit, co-founder of mobile email company Peek, and co-founder of e-book marketing company Livrada. Earlier in his career, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

About DataXoom

DataXoom Corp. is the first value-added wholesaler of mobile data services. DataXoom provides cellular data network connectivity for tablets, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, USB modems, laptops, and specialty devices used by the mobile workforce. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Berkeley, CA, DataXoom’s mobile data service is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of an enterprise. For more information, call 855-533-2829, visit or follow the company on Twitter at

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