DataXoom Announces Integration with IBM MaaS360

DataXoom the enterprise API Enablement platform that integrates Tier 1 Carrier LTE/5G services into their customers existing systems, workflows, and applications, has announced their expansion with the integration of IBM’s MaaS360 – Enterprise MDM Solution.

DataXoom’s Enterprise Mobility API Enablement Platform is a proprietary, carrier grade billing, rating, and provisioning platform that delivers uniquely flexible consumption and pricing models tailored specifically for large enterprise and growth companies.

The integration between DataXoom and IBM MaaS360 allows their customers to manage LTE/5G and related services directly from their MaaS360 environment. For example, customers can now activate their LTE enabled Apple iPads devices with a VZW eSIM without any human interaction. This feature turns an ordinary iPad into a dual-SIM device that can support two U.S. Tier 1 wireless carriers. Additional features include: inventory management; SIM/IMEI pairing; Geo location; application inventory and management; usage rules; and alerts with automatic suspend/resume. The key distinction is that by using the DataXoom platform, customers can perform these services within their current applications. Existing and target customers include retail, transportation, and healthcare.

This is another example of how DataXoom’s Mobility API Enablement Platform transforms long-standing manual swivel-chair process’ into highly automated, efficient workflows. It also continues to illustrate the need for enterprises having the ability to acquire, deploy, manage, and control their Tier 1 LTE/5G services.

“We have worked in partnership with our Tier 1 carrier partners for several years to create technology and automation that helps our mutual customers embrace LTE/5G to scale their critical purpose-built solutions, explains Chris Hill, CEO DataXoom. “Whether it is a retail associate, home healthcare professional, truck driver, pharmaceutical sales rep, or even a backup router, LTE/5G connectivity is what makes these solutions run. We will continue to deliver the pricing models, technology, and automation that our customers need to scale their business”

By partnering with IBM MaaS360, DataXoom continues to solidify its position as an industry leader providing comprehensive LTE-based solutions for the enterprise. The Company continuously leverages technology to automate, integrate and provide the highest level of service and support with a robust set of standard API’s as well deep as expertise in carrier networking and integration with CRM, MDM, and EMM partners.

About DataXoom

DataXoom is the leading mobility enablement provider dedicated to supporting purpose-built mobile deployments in the enterprise. DataXoom success is driven by its proprietary platform, vast partner ecosystem, and deep mobility expertise. The DataXoom Enterprise Mobility API Enablement Platform is a proprietary, carrier grade billing, rating, and provisioning platform that connects its enterprise customers to LTE/5G networks from the leading U.S. wireless providers. Our solution delivers a uniquely flexible pricing model tailored for purpose-built solutions for enterprises and was built to integrate into an enterprise’s existing CRM, MDM, help desk or homegrown management software applications.

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