Mobility in Healthcare

Worry-free mobile data solutions to improve patient care

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, the need to provide patient-focused solutions that are both reliable and efficient becomes essential. Many healthcare organizations and home health agencies are now relying on tablets and other mobile devices for eHealth and point-of-care services. With real-time access to remote patient monitoring, medical records, insurance information and other patient data, countless on-the-go health professionals are improving patient care thru mobile technology.

DataXoom is supporting the healthcare mobility evolution by providing business-friendly data connectivity on the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE/5G networks. Our EMI Platform also enables healthcare organization to manage their entire mobility ecosystem –improving organizational efficiencies, visibility into data usage, and bottom line results.

Healthcare Success Stories

DataXoom provided Signify Health with LTE wireless to maximize data mobility and boast productivity levels among its staff.

Signify Health


Ensure operational efficiencies with business-friendly data plans and comprehensive mobility solutions.

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Field Services

Equip your staff with reliable, multi-carrier 4G LTE/5G data connectivity.

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Get real-time access to patient data for on-the-go health professionals.

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Deliver seamless connectivity for fleet communications - anytime, anywhere.

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