DataXoom Launches eSIM Support for Apple Products on Verizon Network

DataXoom, the enterprise API Enablement platform that integrates Tier 1 Carrier LTE/5G services into their customers existing systems, workflows, and applications, has announced the ability to support of LTE/5G (eSIM) technology via their Enterprise API Enablement Platform For LTE/5G.

DataXoom’s Enterprise API Enablement Platform For LTE/5G is a proprietary, carrier grade billing, rating, and provisioning platform that delivers uniquely flexible consumption and pricing models tailored specifically for large enterprise and growth companies.

“We have seen specific demand for a solution that enables a device to connect to multiple networks,” explains Rob Seemann, VP of Sales and Marketing at DataXoom. “Verizon Wireless would be the primary network using the eSIM with the secondary carrier connected via a physical SIM.”

The eSIM, often called electronic SIM, is not a physical card, but instead acts as a “virtual” SIM that allows a device to connect to a carrier network. Whereas physical SIMs are preconfigured and provisioned to a specific carrier, eSIMs have the ability to support multiple carriers, without changing the physical SIM card. An eSIM can be configured using software and applied remotely, which makes it more efficient when deploying purpose-built solutions.

eSIM technology been available in the U.S. for over two years. However, the technology has been limited to primarily consumer users. The requirement for an eSIM provisioning server along with the security risks it presents have been hurdles for eSIM adoption. But, DataXoom has worked closely with their partners to deliver a solution allowing enterprise customers to activate standalone eSIM’s in bulk. DataXoom customers now have the ability to activate an eSIM in Apple iPad’s on the Verizon network (the iPad must be eSIM compatible). Once activated, eSIM functionality is completely managed by the easy-to-use, web-based DataXoom Enterprise API Enablement Platform For LTE/5G.

About DataXoom

DataXoom is the leading mobility enablement provider dedicated to supporting purpose-built mobile deployments in the enterprise. DataXoom success is driven by its proprietary platform, vast partner ecosystem, and deep mobility expertise. The DataXoom Enterprise Mobility API Enablement Platform is a proprietary, carrier grade billing, rating, and provisioning platform that connects its enterprise customers to LTE/5G networks from the leading U.S. wireless providers. Our solution delivers a uniquely flexible pricing model tailored for purpose-built solutions for enterprises and was built to integrate into an enterprise’s existing CRM, MDM, help desk or homegrown management software applications.

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