DataXoom Builds APIs Exclusively for Enterprise Customers


DataXoom, the nation’s first mobile broadband service provider built specifically for the enterprise, today announced it has launched custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) exclusively for its enterprise customers.

The APIs will allow DataXoom’s customers to manage all their LTE-based services via their internal customer support platforms. DataXoom will be deploying several key plugins that will allow customers to seamlessly integrate their DataXoom devices directly into their CRM platforms including ServiceNow,, Microsoft and Oracle. API features include activation, deactivation, suspend, resume, change device, monitor usage, etc.

DataXoom’s custom APIs can be tailored to meet the unique needs of enterprise customers of any size, and common use cases can benefit nearly any vertical industry including transportation, healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing and field services.

“Building these APIs provides our customers with features and services to manage mobility while increasing productivity and security,” said DataXoom CEO Chris Hill. “DataXoom was founded exclusively to serve enterprise customers and developing a full suite of APIs is another way to accomplish that.”

An API is software that allows two applications to talk to each other. It essentially acts as a window into a software program. In this case, the API will allow customers to talk to software that manages mobile devices, and to the DataXoom platform, which is the proprietary portal through which customers manage their billing, devices, data usage and custom reporting.

“We believe offering our enterprise customers a tailored API is just another benefit that sets us apart from the carriers,” said Hill. “One of our key differentiators is outstanding customers service, and what could be more outstanding than building custom APIs for some of the largest companies in the country?”

About DataXoom

DataXoom Corp. connects businesses to the mobile internet. DataXoom provides LTE and 4G data network connectivity for tablets, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, USB modems, routers and specialty devices used by the mobile workforce. DataXoom is partnered with the with major wireless providers in the US and Canada to deliver mobile data services and solutions designed to meet and exceed the requirements of an enterprise.

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