Enterprise Mobility Integration Platform

Gain total control of your mobile data, devices, and more.

DataXoom’s Enterprise Mobility Integration (EMI) Platform enables the management of your entire mobility ecosystem with an easy-to-use web-based portal. Access to our EMI Platform is available to all DataXoom customers.

Our EMI Platform allows you to:

  • Manage dozens to thousands of mobile devices within ONE platform.
  • Eliminate the need to manage multiple carrier contracts and data plans.
  • Pool data across all users to maximize data usage and eliminate overage and breakage.
  • Set data thresholds. Receive alerts when usage is not aligned with established perimeters.
  • Easily view 6-month company-wide data usage trends as well as the top 5 individual data users to ensure compliance with established company metrics.
  • Receive one consolidated monthly bill regardless of the number of carriers or add-ons.
  • Access financial and operational reporting including account pooling, subscriber usage, financial transactions, and more.

Stop the madness and start managing your data.

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Enterprise Mobility Integration (EMI) Platform

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