4G LTE/5G Wireless Internet Service – 10 Things IT Managers Should Consider When Choosing

4G LTE/5G Wireless Internet Service – 10 Things IT Managers Should Consider When Choosing

With all of the things to worry about when rolling out a mobile IT solution; user requirements, device and network security, training, technical support, hardware, software, updates, budget, etc…there’s one checklist item that doesn’t get as much attention as it should – 4G LTE/5G mobile Internet service.

For most, choosing a data plan is perceived to be a simple matter of choosing the plan with the best price between the three tier 1 carriers that seemingly have nearly equivalent 4G or LTE coverage.  Whatever the reason, mobile Internet service doesn’t garner as much of IT managers’ attention as it should.

Each week for the next 10 weeks I’ll write about the 10 things that you, as an IT manager, should consider before signing your company up for a contract for mobile Internet service.

1. Bandwidth Requirements

The first and possibly the most important question to ask yourself is how much data you need.  Each carrier offers different plans based on the monthly data usage of each device.  Picking the wrong plan can result in overpaying for too much capacity or getting punished with expensive overage bills each month.  For IT Managers with active deployments, it’s easier to estimate your needs based on previous experience.  However, companies that are deploying for the first time, it can be tricky.  Ideally you’ll have a reasonably precise estimate of the amount of data that each device or the entire pool of devices will need.  When estimating your bandwidth requirements, you should consider whether every user and every device will require the same amount of data.  If not, you may be able to economize by signing devices up for different plans based on their requirements.  You should look for shared data plans, which can help reduce your cost by signing up for a plan for the average user.

Next week I'll discuss data overage rates.

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