8 Must Have Tablet Applications for Your Mobile Workforce

Managing and maintaining a mobile workforce is tough work, so why not let your company-owned tablets lighten some of the load for you? Desktop and PC applications help to keep your teams on task and empower them while working in a physical office, but today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. App developers are constantly developing tablet applications that make life easier while in the field, mobile workers more efficient, and customers happier. Here are 8 must-have tablet applications for your business and its mobile workforce.

1. Box

You’ve probably used Box to share files with colleagues and coworkers before. Box is a cloud-based platform that allows members of the same organization to share files and manage content. Box is widely used by midmarket and enterprise organizations for sharing files to one another's’ laptops and desktops, but did you know that Box is also available as a tablet application? That’s right, with Box’s tablet platform your mobile workers can gain access to important documents and files wherever they go.

2. ServiceMax

ServiceMax is an industry-leading mobile application developed specifically for field service management. ServiceMax provides field service managers with a platform for scheduling, billing and service delivery. Technicians in the field typically use the app on iPads or rugged tablets running the Android OS. ServiceMax’s service reports and dashboards provide insight and real-time visibility into your service operations, so you can focus on constantly improving your team’s services and increasing productivity.

DataXoom has recently joined ServiceMax’s partner program, so we can provide expert assistance to large companies looking to deploy the ServiceMax technology via a large tablet implementation.

3. Asana

Everyone, everywhere has struggled with prioritization at some point--Asana helps you and your employees stay on-task and organized. Asana, available as a tablet and smartphone application, is a task-management software that allows members of an organization to assign tasks to one another, set goals, and keep track of their work. The software even allows users to organize tasks and goals based on level of importance, so your employees can prioritize more important initiatives over less important ones.

4. PlayerLync

A major challenge faced by many field teams is ensuring that all team members’ devices are updated with the company’s latest documents and video content. PlayerLync seeks to address this challenge through its leading mobile app. PlayerLync allows managers to easily share content to their employees by providing a user-friendly content management platform. Managers simply drag and drop content into appropriate folders, and the content magically appears on the devices of field workers. The platform allows managers to delete content as well, so managers can ensure that team members never use outdated content.

5. Salesforce1

If you’ve been in any sort of sales or marketing role over the past decade, you’ve probably used, or at least heard of Salesforce. After all, it is one of the most widely-used enterprise software in existence. Salesforce provides companies with an interface for case management and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating important events. Salesforce is not only useful to sales, marketing and customer service teams in the office, but it is also available as a tablet application, called “Salesforce1.”

6. Expensify

Expensify is a web and mobile application developed for travel and expense reporting. The application allows users to manage expense transactions, upload receipts, generate receipts from online sales, and automatically create expense reports. Expensify describes its application as a hassle-free expense reporting system, which is an enticing value proposition because really, who likes filling out annoyingly complicated expense reports?

We’ve used Expensify for several years here at DataXoom, and our favorite new feature is the integration Expensify offers with Uber.  With a few quick customizations on your tablet, Uber receipts and trip details are now automatically captured via Expensify.

7. Slack

Have you ever needed something from a coworker, but can’t find them at their desk, and can’t get an email response from them (probably because they aren’t at their desk)? Have no fear, Slack is here!  Slack is a mobile application that facilitates team collaboration and communication. The app is essentially a standard instant messaging app that differentiates itself by allowing business users to send messages to their entire organization, smaller teams, or individuals.

8. LinkedIn

We don’t need to explain this one to you, after all, pretty much everyone in the workforce today uses this business-oriented social networking service. To paraphrase an old expression from sales, “If you’re not on LinkedIn, you probably don’t actually exist”. But did you know that LinkedIn is available as a mobile/tablet application? Think about how useful this can be. Imagine you are on your way to an important meeting with a client, when you suddenly realize you’ve neglected to do any research into the client’s professional history. Thankfully, you’ve got your tablet on you, equipped with LinkedIn’s mobile application.  This is a critical app for everyone in sales, but could benefit anyone in business by helping to deepen relationships and improve interactions.

If you’re planning on accessing any of these awesome apps while out of the office, you’re probably going to need LTE or 4G mobile data. DataXoom is an Enterprise MVNO that provides mobile data solutions designed exclusively for businesses, with affordable pricing options, no long-term contracts, and no early termination fees. Interested in how DataXoom can meet your mobile data needs? Drop us a note at sales@dataxoom.com or visit us at www.dataxoom.com.