DataXoom Announces New Partner Sales Channel, Aims to Cut Costs for Business Clients with Customized Wholesale Mobile Data Plans

DataXoom is the first MVNO for mid-market and enterprise customers and helps connect businesses to the mobile internet.

BERKELEY, CA – May 29, 2015 – DataXoom is the first value-added wholesaler of mobile data services, built exclusively for business. DataXoom partners with the premier mobile operators in the U.S., including AT&T-Mobile and Verizon, and purchases mobile data from these companies on a wholesale basis. DataXoom provides its customers with access to the top mobile networks in the U.S., and applies pricing, terms and enhanced functionality designed specifically for business customers.

DataXoom today announces the launch of its new partner sales channel, opening doors to channel partnerships with OEM’s, software companies focused on the mobile workforce, and large distributors of mobile devices like iPads, internet-ready laptops, and other ruggedized mobile devices. New channel partners will be able to integrate DataXoom 4G and LTE connectivity into their businesses, and offer clients products with affordable data plans to suit their needs. Now offering channel partners revenue share opportunities, DataXoom aims to further enhance its growth in mid-market and enterprise accounts throughout the U.S.

“A new DataXoom channel partner is working with us to help their client, a large Healthcare company, roll out tablets across the entire enterprise. As large companies are procuring hardware, they want an integrated solution from their vendors combining hardware, critical mobile apps for field workers, and connectivity to the mobile internet. DataXoom’s new channel program will enable our sales partners to deliver an integrated solution to their customers – with better margins” said Kelley Carr, Vice President of Business Development at DataXoom.

DataXoom believes that when it comes to mobile data services, businesses have fundamentally different needs than consumers. Instead of offering data plans designed for individual consumers — with 2-year contracts, termination fees, device subsidies and inflexible plans with breakage and overage charges —DataXoom instead offers businesses a choice of networks and mobile devices, various mobile data pricing options, and has no annual contracts or penalty fees. Clients can buy pay-as-you-go data bundles, or buy a large pool of mobile data to suit the size of their business and their mobile data needs.

“Until recently many enterprises have been overpaying for mobile internet access for employees. DataXoom is designed with businesses in mind, and offers pay-as-you-go bundles to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. We also offer usage alerts and content management solutions to ensure mobile workers are not wasting company time on non-work related tasks” continued Carr.

In addition to offering businesses affordable data plans via the top underlying wireless networks in the U.S., DataXoom offers clients a wide range of tools to optimize their companies’ data use. Advanced controls include usage alerts and limits, wireless usage monitoring and controls and telecom expense management features to ensure that devices are correctly accounted within a large company. DataXoom’s online management portal provides customers with detailed insights into mobile usage and spend, and works across multiple wireless carrier networks.

DataXoom offers its prospective clients a free 12 month data usage assessment to accurately predict savings based on real historical data. Current customers report saving between 15% and 40% per year with DataXoom’s service. However, the majority of customers indicate that the value of using DataXoom is much bigger than just cost savings, as DataXoom offers better, more flexible terms for business, with no set up or terminations fees or lengthy contracts. In addition, having access to multiple wireless networks via one online interface is a huge advantage to many mid-market and enterprise customers.

About DataXoom

DataXoom Corp. connects businesses to the mobile internet. DataXoom provides cellular data network connectivity for tablets, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, USB modems, and specialty devices used by the mobile workforce. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Berkeley, CA, DataXoom’s mobile data service is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of an enterprise. For more information, call 855-533-2829, visit or follow the company on Twitter at

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